Friday, January 04, 2008


Hello everyone! Yes, I finally started a page here and this is my very first blogger post. I had been avoiding creating a new account and password because its just so hard to keep track of the accounts and passwords i already have. I had to give in since my favorite craft site is linked to blogger.

Anyway, since this is my first post, and blogger makes things pretty easy here, i should dive right in and share with you, the world, the beautiful new shoes i got on sale today.

They're so cute I'm afraid to wear them because i don't want them to get dirty. I love anything baby phat! Mostly because of the kitty logo, and secondly because her designs are gorgeous.

I even have a tattoo of her logo on my back.

Well everyone, this is me and my blog so far. Stayed tuned for more from the litter box. Smooches!