Monday, June 01, 2009

Too Young To Be This Damn Old

I am one year older! I had a birthday a few days ago and turned 35. I got lots of birthday love from all of my loved ones; cards, gifts, texts, voicemails, and emails, physical and digital. Thanks everybody! I love you too!

When I was a child I remember thinking that when one reached 35 they knew everything. I don’t know anything near everything.

I spent the first hour of my personal new year with a good friend who shares my birthday. He insisted on taking a picture of us in the midnight minute of our b-day which turned out very icky (on my part only because he is really gorgeous). He pinky swore that he would never publish that photo and I really hope he won’t be showing it to people; I would be so embarrassed.

I wish I knew he was gonna do that, I would have fixed myself up a bit and forced a good angle on the camera and pose. Wow, that sounds kind of obsessively vain… lol Anyway, I had a good time; we played ‘Name That Tune’ and burned some trees.

When I woke up, Si had coffee and a gift waiting on me; how sweet!

The gift was a dress that he picked out for me… now, I’m not saying that he has bad taste, and I am very thankful and all, but he actually bought it from Wal-Mart. Nooooooo…. Never buy clothes from the beast! Underwear maybe, but never clothes!

Bless his heart, for I understand that this was a manly oversight that he could not help; men just aren’t as sensitive as women when it comes to style and fashion. In this society women are expected to look good and dress trendy; I didn’t make the rules, I just enjoy living by them.

Needless to say, I had to return that dress, and then I happily went out to shop for a more appropriate one. I absolutely love shopping; he could have given me a gift certificate or cash and saved a few steps like my dad does. lol

This is the dress that I picked out from another store…

After a bit of fun filled shopping I was taken out to dinner where Si surprised me with an embarrassing Happy Birthday song from the restaurant staff, one of whom was carrying a rather large chunk of cheese cake.

He tried to get a picture of the look on my face when they came out but ended up with this homely looking picture (I’ll blame it on the horrible lighting).

After dinner we went to see the new Terminator movie, which was good, and then back home for the night.

And that was my 35th birthday! Exciting, huh?

I’ve fallen off of the daywalker wagon; I’ve been sleeping all day and up all night. I HATE that schedule; it leaves no time for anything real world related. I think stress is what broke me; I’ve been upset about a few things these days. I need a vacation.

I managed to get up around noon today and went garage sale-ing. I love garage sales on Sundays because everyone just wants to get rid of their stuff by then; I found a lot of great deals.

I found my dad’s father’s day gift.

It’s metal and missing a piece (looks like it broke off) but I think he’ll like it anyway; maybe for some yard art or something, he’s really into his yard since he retired.

I got a huge box of books for free!

There are a few books I recognize as movie titles, lots of romance novels, and the first ten books of the Left Behind series. I can’t say that I’m particularly interested in the religious or romance genres, but I got them anyway in case someone I know may be interested; I KNOW my mother could lose herself in them.

What initially caught my eye was an Amish romance novel, and then I found two more of that series. I’m very intrigued with the Amish, their lifestyle, and traditions; I saw a story about the author on the news just a few days ago as well.

It’s been a good few days; I even got a picture of all of my children in one place at once!

Thanks again everyone! Smooches and love!