Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My oldest friend, KK, often referred to as my sister, gave birth to her fourth child, a girl named, Zakharra Nevaeh Ingram, last night at 10:17 pm. I have no idea her weight and I think they said she was 19 inches long.
It was all so sudden because she wasn’t even due till the middle of next month; I was expecting her visit today when she called to tell me that she was in labor and wouldn’t be able to make it. lol She said she was at a five (those that have children know what that number means)so I left to run a couple of errands thinking that it would be a few hours.
I was only busy for a couple of hours when we finally arrived; when I walked into the room I saw Chris already holding his daughter. I was about 20 minutes late!! Damn! I shouldn’t have made that last stop. I’m a little upset that I missed this one because I’ve been there for all the others, but everything happened so much faster than the others. I guess it’s true when they say they come faster with each birth.
Here’s the proud momma and daddy…

She was so understandably tired; she said this was the worst one but don’t mothers usually forget the pain after a while? Or is this just a vicious rumor?
I posted more pics on my myspace page here,, because I didn’t want to load this page with all the pics that I took. I took a lot of pics, like I usually do, but this is a rare occasion that most of them turned out decent despite the fact they are cell phone pics.
This picture makes me laugh… It just screams ‘Arian Nation’! LMAO

Forgive my strange humor, world (you really must know me to get me), I think it’s just been a while since I’ve seen a caucasian baby…
So anyway, I’m happy for them on thier new addition. Happy birthday Zak!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love and Possessions

Hello again. I hope everyone had a love filled Valentine’s Day. Si came back home just in time last week, He has been resting and relaxing and the Royals are clearly happy to have him back home too.

My V-Day was full of wonderful goodies and gifts that keep on giving. I woke up to fresh 7-11 coffee (my fav because it is way better and cheaper than Starfucks), roses, chocolates, earrings, and a card that contained a one hour massage redeemable anytime I want it!

I got him some new slippers that he can wear outside, some night britches, and some nice Nike’s; you can’t tell by this picture, but the contrasting dark color is a deep hunter green. I love that color!

An added bonus to his and my V-Day was that everything I got him actually fit and he liked everything! I am shocked myself; I suppose that I’ve finally gotten to know a little bit about him over the last 14 years or so. Lol

The Royals had a good V-Day too, they love the shoe boxes! I don’t know how, but Cracker managed to get his whole fat ass inside to take a nice long nap.

So yeah, Valentine’s Day was pretty good this year and made even better with all the material possessions meager money was able to buy…

And moving on, I started classes again after a much need break recently. I hope that I can keep my focus up and maintain my GPA, I’ll be busy trying to keep up for like the next year or more, so I really shouldn’t focus on unimportant things like blogs… lol

That being said, I just wanted to post a few pics and show off my Valentine gifts. I’ll close with a picture of Tiger laying on my sister-n-law. Love was in the air… or maybe he’s just a whore; he’ll cuddle up to love on anyone that lets him!

Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Gonna Be OK?

Things are really looking up these days. And as far as school… I got a do-over!! I just called my counselors at the school and explained to them the problems and road blocks that I’ve been running into and they granted me a onetime only do-over for this most recent and hellish block of (thankfully, only two) classes. Needless to say I am ecstatic!! I guess I got lucky this time, but it can NEVER happen again.

School seems central to anything good that may happen in my future. I’ve been waiting on my school money so that I can fix Red once and for all (and it just came in today). Everyone has been advising me to get another used car but I REFUSE! Some of you may even think that I am crazy, but I do have logical reasons for holding on to Red.

Her body is not my ideal in a vehicle, I mean, I’m like any other American when I say I LOVE a sporty body on a car; something small and sleek. But what Red lacks in outward beauty she makes up for in her functionality. She has great mileage per gallon because of her small engine; for more than five years now she had been low maintenance and had gotten me from place A to place B and back again safely and for the most part, reliably. I have known her for a long time so I know how she has been treated and maintained. I vow to maintain her better from on as well.

Another reason for keeping Red alive has recently crossed my mind; my sister, bless her heart, locks her keys in her car from time to time, so when I asked her why she didn’t just make a few copies to keep around she informed me that one key to her vehicle would cost her almost $100 dollars!! I was flabbergasted at this amount, and then she says that a copy without a computer chip inside, a valet copy, would cost only half that. I am amazed that she said “only half”. A copy of my car key costs me about $1 dollar, and $5 if the shop is booshi ( urban dictionary for those that just don’t know). So, the low cost of an extra key is just another plus on Red’s side.

And not to leave out what I think may be the best reason I can give in these trying financial times… Red is paid for, I bought her with cash and have never made one payment further, I own her outright. Also, since she is an older model, she is very affordable when it comes to insurance, tags, and tax. I’m taking her in for a diagnostic check up as soon as possible; let’s hope she can be brought back to her prime soon.

Si is still ill and away; the Royal Love-Smith’s and I miss him. But there is good news here, he will be back home next week, the doctors have fixed the issue he was having with his arm and they are just holding him for a few more days for monitoring. When doctors say that, I usually translate it to mean that they aren’t sure what might happen next or don’t know what is ultimately wrong. Either way, it’s minor and besides feeling lonely and imprisoned, he feels well; he just wants to be home of course.

I’ve been spoiling him to death for some reason; he just deserves it I suppose. He has been whining about needing a Snuggie for months now, that and a Ped Egg. I found both at Walgreen’s for him. He loves that damn Snuggie… Lol. Then I got him a couple of games for his PS2 to help pass the time. Anyway, he will home soon.

The Royal Love-Smith’s have a local enemy cat that lives outside. This cat comes around all the time and taunts them, driving the Love-Smith’s crazy so that they hiss, hit and scratch at the windows. I finally caught the culprit sleeping on my porch.

He or she is just too cute!

But I still had to shoo it away for the sake of the Royals. I think it has home nearby somewhere, it looks well fed.