Friday, December 04, 2009

Going the wrong weigh…

Well, all of the chocolate is gone and I am many pounds heavier to prove it!

Thanksgiving dinner didn’t help much with that either. Yeah, I lost control and am now paying the ‘hefty’ price it demands.

Now I need to work it off so somebody please come rescue me from this sedentary life!

I tried to walk off a bit of the big dinner on thanksgiving night when we went to Chickasha to see the Festival of Lights. For the first time, we finally parked and actually got out to walk around.

It was a beautiful night; no wind at all so the temperature wasn’t too cold and we took a few pictures.

More pics on my page here:

I would have stayed longer but my party was getting tired so we left after only a few minutes of walking the park. I wish I could have stayed longer.

If the world were a better place I would go out and walk alone but alas this is the 21st century and it is full of violent crazies that want nothing more than another hapless victim.

The way things are going I’m going to have to break bread for a gym membership; maybe I’ll find a workout buddy when I do since I’m having no luck finding one now. I’ve been thinking of getting a Wii too; it would definitely help to get me active.

If I get a tv for Christmas I think I may go ahead and do that. My dad has informed me that he has our Christmas gift this year and by the way he talks about it, I think it’s a tv. I can only hope.

He loves to tease like this when he gets gifts; it’s never worked on me since I’m a patient person, I can wait, but it drives Sikeith crazy! lol He’s already trying to get him to let us have it early.

And speaking of early Christmas gifts, I saw a deal on that I could not resist. I found this lovely sewing machine on sale with free shipping so I splurged!

I’ve already started my first quilt…

This is just the center of it; now I’m stuck because I have no idea what to do to it next. My creative juices seem to have dried up at the moment.

I want it to be a very manly quilt; I’m making it for Si to take to dialysis, so I have lots of plaid and stripe fabric pieces that I can work into it once I’ve found a direction to take it in again. Quilting is an artsy thing, too bad I’m not as artsy as I feel; damn creative blocks. lol

That’s ok though, I have lots of other things in my head that I can work on. Maybe one of those will actually be finished soon. I swear I must have ADHD since I never seem to be able to finish my projects.

That’s all for now, happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone gets what they want and has fun this season.

A big SHOUT OUT to my beautiful BFF, Mioshee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

I love and miss you to death!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

How was everyone’s Halloween this year? Do you celebrate this day of the dead, ghoulish, and silly?

I admit it… I love Halloween! I always have.

I made my ears and my tail (that you can’t see).

It’s not just the candy I love, my favorite part has always been the costumes and unfortunately most adults aren’t into dressing up and going out of their way. I’ve held a few costume parties in my twenties only to find myself the only free spirit in disguise.

I should have had a party this year though, it seems things have changed now. There were grown adult people actually dressed up and trick-or-treating door to door (some without child escorts) for candy this year!

Yeah… I was one of them! Lol

Maybe the economy is just so bad that folks just can’t pass up free candy these days. I wasn’t planning on actually getting candy for myself, I just wanted to walk with the kids for the exercise and excitement of seeing the costumes and families, but my niece, Chrissy, talked me into it as we approached the first house and I really gave in when I saw that they were giving out chocolate! A weakness… what can I do?

See, this group’s adults almost outnumber the kids too.

lol That’s really just me and my family in a group shot before we hit the streets. Yeah, the sun is still up… lame huh? But I think that’s how people with young kids do it, so what the hell, right? I had a ball anyway.

This whole family had one of the best costumes in the neighborhood.

Darth Vader had two Princess Leahs and two storm troopers with him. The storm troopers weren’t wearing their helmets though; may have been too hot for it.

Someone thought it would be funny to get a picture of the babies (my nephew’s children) with Darth Vader.

They, and I, were not amused at the time but now that I see the picture… yeah, it is kinda funny. lol

The kids started running ahead so I ducked into the car for a while to catch a smoke. Si said “Get your ass back out there and get me some candy.” By the time I was done with my cig everyone seemed to have run out of candy. So, I say to Si, in the words of my niece, Kyeithsha, “HAAAA! YOU THOUGHT!”… LMFAO

Besides dropping the kids off at home, that was the night. How elderly… maybe I’ll find a party next year. I’ll wear a leash and Si can be my owner, his previous comment makes me think he may actually play along next time. Hmmm... kinky. ;-)

If you didn’t get enough of me and my family here, there are more pictures on my MySpace page here:

I hope everyone had lots of fun and candy this year. I know I did!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Pat, for all of the chocolate!

Her apartment complex gave her all of the candy they couldn’t give away and she forwarded it to the many chocolate connoisseurs in her family. She did the right thing too. (Greedy Laugh) Thanks Pat!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My BFF, Sinn, author of the blog Fiber Molestation, forwarded me the funniest site I’ve seen in ages.

Finally something worth following on a daily basis! This is better than those ‘joke a day’ things that are texted and forwarded all the time. I can’t think of a better pick me up when one is having a bad day.

I have seen hundreds of what the site calls “wal-creatures” at the many local Wal-Marts in my area; now I have found a home for the cell phone pictures I will be taking. This is going to be fun!

I hope I don’t end up on the site though… lol

Speaking of Wal-Mart, on a recent trip I bought a couple of pumpkin carving kits and pumpkins and Si and I carved our own wal-creatures.

Can you tell who carved which one? Of course you can! Mine is the kitty... duh. I think Si’s looks better; it’s more scary and Halloweeny.

My sister recently moved back to the city just in time for the holidays. She also got a couple of pumpkins for the girls to carve this year but she’s never carved one before so I offered to lend a hand since I had a couple of extra kits laying around from ours.

We didn’t use the patterns because it was their first pumpkin and it took me and Si, mere adults, about 3 hours to carve ours so I thought it was best to keep it simple for them. We did the traditional triangle and bad teeth pumpkins which took about three hours as well. lol

This is a bad pic of Nani with her pumpkin.

This is Jaidyn with her pumpkin.

And here they are together…

Jaidyn is wearing one of my hats in the last picture. She wears it so well! What a couple of beauties they are turning into; they’ll be breaking hearts in no time at all now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creative Wastes

Luckily I’m still feeling creative and have finally finished a few projects.

Those are a few hats that I’ve finished over the last few weeks. Hats are easy to make, they’re soft and comfy, made of 100% cotton, and these can be worn several different ways. I think that I that I may the only one that likes them though; they’re piling up around here with no claimers.

Since the hats are going homeless I’ve gone to making squares; they’re usually quick and pretty. I was thinking of making an afghan with this pattern…

And behold the long awaited belt that turned out huge and useless like most everything else I make.

I did like it on a smaller scale though which means I need smaller yarn and needles. Yay, more shopping! lol

And speaking of shopping, I found these beauties on sale at a local clothing store.

Now I need an outfit to go with them. :-D

Monday, September 21, 2009

It’s Been How Long?

Yeah, yeah… long time no blog. Did you miss me?

Where do I start?

I’ve been feeling creative and have started several knit and crochet projects.

All of these are supposed to be belts.

This is supposed to be a purse of some kind.

I’ve finished none of them… lol

I am wishing that I had a sewing machine these days. I have several ideas and projects in my head that I can’t work on and it is driving me crazy. Plus, sewing is way cheaper than the yarn needed for knitting and crochet. I probably wouldn’t finish any of those projects either though. lol

Between creative blocks I’ve been busy with a bit of fall cleaning. I know you’re supposed to do that in the spring, but I always end up doing it in the fall too for some reason.

I had a veteran’s charity call the other day for donations; they didn’t want money though, they wanted household things like thrift store stuff. How refreshing since I never have the money for charity anymore. These days, I AM the needy… lol.

I’m actually very happy that they called because I had a couple of boxes of things already out in my way bothering me.

Besides all of that stuff I have come out with 3 boxes and a file cabinet full of old bills and general crap with my info on it that I’ve moved around with for about 20 years or so and needs to be shred. Thank goodness that my bank is having a shred day soon. What great timing for all of this; maybe I’m not alone in the fall cleaning thing.

Yes… It feels good to purge the old especially since I’m always gathering new things. I had an awesome garage sale Sunday recently. I got a 6 foot Christmas tree with a huge box of lights and real glass bulbs for $10, three bamboo shades for $5, and two crochet books for a dollar each. The best thing I found though was this nice couch and loveseat set that cost only $50.

I can’t believe that I got ‘em for 50 bucks man. I didn’t intend on spending that much that day, but I figured that one of my bills could wait a while since I got such a good deal.

I’ve got some kind of ‘good deal’ luck these days. I found these crochet hooks on eBay.

Just one hook at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby can cost $2-$10 and I got 12 for under $10.

They came directly from China.

Ok, it might be strange to take a picture of the envelope that they came in, but I just love the Chinese language; it looks so pretty. It sounds beautiful too; maybe I’ll learn it someday.

That’s about all of the excitement I’ve had the last month or so besides that I colored my hair a while back; it’s much darker than usual and I haven’t decided if I like it or not yet. Sorry no pictures but I just haven’t felt much like posing for the camera lately.

Things should be picking up a bit around here; the holidays are coming soon… I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by.

Ciao for now…

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clear Signs

Hello again everyone. I am sorry to have neglected my audience these last few weeks. I know, I know, my life is so interesting and exciting; all two of you must be in utter suspense now.

Let’s see… firstly I finally got a new cell phone. Yay! It’s a pretty red and black Blackberry flip with a qwerty keypad.

As you can see, I have already personalized it. I still gotta get used to the keypad; I feel like one of those ‘parents’ in the Sprint commercial; the one with all the statistics that says states how fast teens type texts compared to their parents. I couldn’t find a site to that exact commercial but I ran across this site along the way and it is way cool.

I went with a friend to this new $1 jewelry store and picked up some new earrings.

I don’t care how cheap they are, I just need some hoops since the 80’s are back. And speaking of 80’s fashion, I am so loving the leggings! They are ultra comfy with the right short dress or skirt; now I just have to do more shopping to increase my wardrobe. Yippee!

And lastly, something I have fought long to deny… I have been prescribed eyeglasses. It is time now that I must concede to my age so that I may read and see the time on my clocks clearly.
I went today to my eye exam which was quite a change since my last exam some fifteen years ago. They did the puffy thing in my eyes as usual but after that I was given some kind of eye drops before another test. Then I went to another room where they did the lens flipping thing until the little letters on the wall came into clear view.

After that I was given two more kinds of eye drops and was told to wait a few minutes for them to kick in, and then I would have to do the flippy lens thing again. While I waited, my eyes became more and more sensitive to light, so I put my shades on; then I got a text… oh my goodness… I absolutely could not focus to read! If my arm was about a foot longer, or if I could have laid my phone on a counter to look at it from a distance, I may have been able to read something on the screen. Luckily it was just an ad so no one was waiting on a text back. Anyway, it was a pretty strange experience and it wore off after a few hours.

Since I picked out my lenses a couple of weeks ago, I took a picture of them to see what they would look like.

I would have taken a picture of them with the lenses in, but I didn’t feel like primping for pictures after being nearly blinded today. I’ll take some pics one of these days; I’m way to vain not to after all.

In closing, we’ve been getting a bit of rain lately and I happened to catch a pretty rainbow as I was leaving the eyeglass store.

I’m going to believe that it was good sign.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bootylicious Review

Long time no see! My life is tragically mundane these days. Even if I wanted to find some trouble I couldn’t… pathetic really.

Last month was pretty uneventful for me but that can’t be said for entertainment news; several big name personalities have died, the saddest of which is Michael Jackson.

My dad liked his father’s day gift; he put it in the yard, not where I had imagined, but at least he’s using it; I hate to give useless gifts.

The most eventful of this month’s past events was the OKC Gay Pride celebration.

We got there late because so many people decided to go with us this year. We had a caravan of cars and couldn’t find a decent spot so we parked down the street, walked up to the curb and just made the parade as it was starting at the beginning.

Since we ended up parking toward the end of the parade route we had to wait till they finally came down our way and by then I was beginning to get sunburn. Why can’t I ever remember the sunscreen? I swear if my head weren’t attached…

Anyway, people were fighting, pushing, and shoving trying to get some damn beads. I was pushed into my friend and stepped on her foot causing her to lose her flip flop because people were being so fierce.

We had a good time that would have only been better if my Sinn and her family were here this year. The celebration seems to be getting bigger every year. The parade was so long that I was heat exhausted before the end and had to leave; from what I hear, I had left in the middle of it which means that there was at least another mile of floats that I didn’t get to see.

My favorite thing about the parade was the float that had (I assume) male strippers. This one fizzine dude was in special stripper undies that made his peepee very visible and jiggly! Whoo Hoo!!! Shake it baby!!! I may have lost my composure for a minute there. lol The highlight of my day, fo sho! I was really trying to get a picture of his too fine ass but my memory was full. Damn it.

Hmmm… The Black Chippendales… I wish they would come back this way.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Too Young To Be This Damn Old

I am one year older! I had a birthday a few days ago and turned 35. I got lots of birthday love from all of my loved ones; cards, gifts, texts, voicemails, and emails, physical and digital. Thanks everybody! I love you too!

When I was a child I remember thinking that when one reached 35 they knew everything. I don’t know anything near everything.

I spent the first hour of my personal new year with a good friend who shares my birthday. He insisted on taking a picture of us in the midnight minute of our b-day which turned out very icky (on my part only because he is really gorgeous). He pinky swore that he would never publish that photo and I really hope he won’t be showing it to people; I would be so embarrassed.

I wish I knew he was gonna do that, I would have fixed myself up a bit and forced a good angle on the camera and pose. Wow, that sounds kind of obsessively vain… lol Anyway, I had a good time; we played ‘Name That Tune’ and burned some trees.

When I woke up, Si had coffee and a gift waiting on me; how sweet!

The gift was a dress that he picked out for me… now, I’m not saying that he has bad taste, and I am very thankful and all, but he actually bought it from Wal-Mart. Nooooooo…. Never buy clothes from the beast! Underwear maybe, but never clothes!

Bless his heart, for I understand that this was a manly oversight that he could not help; men just aren’t as sensitive as women when it comes to style and fashion. In this society women are expected to look good and dress trendy; I didn’t make the rules, I just enjoy living by them.

Needless to say, I had to return that dress, and then I happily went out to shop for a more appropriate one. I absolutely love shopping; he could have given me a gift certificate or cash and saved a few steps like my dad does. lol

This is the dress that I picked out from another store…

After a bit of fun filled shopping I was taken out to dinner where Si surprised me with an embarrassing Happy Birthday song from the restaurant staff, one of whom was carrying a rather large chunk of cheese cake.

He tried to get a picture of the look on my face when they came out but ended up with this homely looking picture (I’ll blame it on the horrible lighting).

After dinner we went to see the new Terminator movie, which was good, and then back home for the night.

And that was my 35th birthday! Exciting, huh?

I’ve fallen off of the daywalker wagon; I’ve been sleeping all day and up all night. I HATE that schedule; it leaves no time for anything real world related. I think stress is what broke me; I’ve been upset about a few things these days. I need a vacation.

I managed to get up around noon today and went garage sale-ing. I love garage sales on Sundays because everyone just wants to get rid of their stuff by then; I found a lot of great deals.

I found my dad’s father’s day gift.

It’s metal and missing a piece (looks like it broke off) but I think he’ll like it anyway; maybe for some yard art or something, he’s really into his yard since he retired.

I got a huge box of books for free!

There are a few books I recognize as movie titles, lots of romance novels, and the first ten books of the Left Behind series. I can’t say that I’m particularly interested in the religious or romance genres, but I got them anyway in case someone I know may be interested; I KNOW my mother could lose herself in them.

What initially caught my eye was an Amish romance novel, and then I found two more of that series. I’m very intrigued with the Amish, their lifestyle, and traditions; I saw a story about the author on the news just a few days ago as well.

It’s been a good few days; I even got a picture of all of my children in one place at once!

Thanks again everyone! Smooches and love!