Saturday, March 28, 2009

Casino Night

Casino night was great! We had dinner, saw a show, and gambled to our favor; we left at a nice profit.

Dinner was ok; here’s a blurry shot of the buffet…

They said not to take pictures so I hid my cell in the palm of my hand and got a few blurry shots.

Here's Si, concentrating on a win…

Here's me, getting a good buzz…

And finally here’s a picture of the security people that kept telling me not to take pictures…

So that’s casino night. I didn’t get to dress up because of the weather; it was just too cold for a dress. :-(

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shopping Therapy and More Fun to Come

Well since the hellish haircut from the second rate Rudy look alike I have been sporting pony tails and head bands as predicted; so not attractive these days especially on the rare occasion when I want to look extra nice. And since my hair is so short I’ve had a few curling iron mishaps and am now forced to sport beauty battle wounds on my forehead (so embarrassing). That damn BITCH!

I decided that I needed some shopping therapy to make myself feel better. I’m so excited because I found not one, but two dresses at Ross's dress sale that actually fit and look good on me! Actually I found a few more than that, but unfortunately I have limited funds and decided to get my favorite two out of the group that I wanted. It has been years since I have been able to find an affordable, well fitting dress… so happy.

Pretty sliver shoes…

And, happily I have a place to wear them now! Well one anyway. A couple weeks ago Si was watching a local morning news show that was featuring a cook and his signature dish from a local casino; they announce that the first whatever callers to call in and say the name of the dish, “Hasenpfeffer” (which I think means rabbit), would get two free dinners and a show. So he called and was within the number of callers (they probably gave it to everyone that called in. lol). Yay! I finally get to dress up and go somewhere! So now we’re having casino night this week and I just hope I can do something with my nappy mane. That damn bitch… >:-<

What else?

Books and music that make you dumb… Hilarious, you have to check them out here:

That’s it for now; hope to have casino pics soon!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Rudy Can’t Cut Hair

You will not believe what happened to me today. I’m kinda proud of myself and the way I handled things.

I decided that I needed a haircut but I wanted to keep some length so I couldn’t use the Flowbee ; and plus, I could help to stimulate the economy by paying someone to cut it for me. I went to the Belle Isle Super Cuts because that’s where I had been going for years from time to time when I needed and could afford a cut where I was introduced to a seemingly nice person that would cut my hair. She asked me what I wanted and I told her, nothing fancy just a layer with bangs, no more than an inch off the length unless absolutely necessary. I KNOW that’s a pretty damn basic and easy cut; should take about 15 minutes tops.

She takes the water bottle and barely sprays around my head for about five minutes before she decides to use a comb, this was so annoying that I should have told her to stop before she picked up the scissors. When she combed my hair she acted like she was afraid to follow through, pulling the comb out every time she hit the slightest tangle; at this point I’m getting down right angry because I’ve been in the chair for about 10 minutes already and she hasn’t even started to cut. This is when I notice that she looks a lot like Keshia Knight Pulliam, you know, Rudy from the Cosby show and the new Tyler Perry movie (which was awesome btw), like they could be twins if it weren’t for this woman’s horrible weave that I unfortunately didn’t notice until much later (more on that later, too).

When she did finally pick up the scissors I wondered if she was cutting anything, I mean I couldn’t see or feel anything she was doing besides running the comb through my hair; I could hear the scissors working but not a sound that indicated that they were cutting anything. She does this all over my head and I begin to see that she is NOT cutting anything off of my hair at all, for some reason she is acting or pretending like she is cutting my hair. Yes, VERY SRANGE, I know.

I swear, my inner voice was screaming, “Get up; do not let her touch your hair!” but did I listen to my inner voice? No, unfortunately.

She asks “Where do you want your bangs?”

I tell her, “Just below my eyes.”

I was kinda wondering if she was actually going to make a cut and when she finally did, she cut my bangs almost off! She didn’t even listen to what I told her! The she says, “Oh, No… I’m so sorry.” I think she did it on purpose for some reason though I do not know what reason she would have to do something so malicious to another woman’s hair. Her name is henceforth ‘Bitch that looks like Rudy’ or ‘Bitch Rudy’. I wish I would have gone bipolar on her ass right then…

I think I was still in shock over what she had just done when she began cutting more of my hair in what she called layers. I don’t know what to call it, chopped screwy maybe. I was so pissed off and afraid that I was about to pull a Madea when she was through that I actually paid the Bitch and left. I got home hoping that I might be able to fix it somehow, maybe the Flowbee could help but I’d have to go shorter again.

When I got home and looked in the mirror, I was LIVID! I called the salon to talk to a manager and hopefully they would stop this Rudy lookin Bitch from ruining anyone else’s hair and give me my money back but she wasn’t there. I couldn’t just leave it alone, like Si was telling me to do. I can’t really blame him, he was afraid of me going buck wild on her ass too though. My attitude has been known to be rough when I’m provoked; I’ve been thrown out of a few places in the past. But I was so damn upset that I could not leave this alone, this Bitch would have to give me my money back and know how bad she did me.

When I got there everyone was busy cutting hair, even Bitch Rudy, she was giving a child a buzz cut, poor child. So I waited for someone, anyone to get done and talk to me; it was then, while staring down this heinous hair ruining Rudy looking Bitch, that I noticed that her weave tracks were showing and she had what looked like bed head. I wish I had noticed that first, maybe I would have saved myself months of ponytails. How does a hair salon employ a person that looks near homeless and cannot even care for their own hair? Anyway, she was done first and happened to be the one that I was going to talk to on this matter.

I told her “I went home and looked at my hair and tried to see if I could fix what you have done, but I can’t do it; and the more I think about it the angrier I get. I’m going to need my money back so that I can find someone else to fix this mess you made.” I felt that I was as polite as possible and I kept my voice low so as not to make a scene in front of the other customers (but they could hear me anyway).

She was understandably taken aback at first, then tried to explain that she was doing what she had been trained and blah blah blah. I stopped listening after she said “trained”; I have never had this problem at this particular salon before and I assumed that their techs were from a tech school at least, I didn’t think you could work at a place like that and not be from a school; if so, I could do ten times better than Bitch Rudy without the proper schooling.

She called her manager on the phone and begins to go into her explanations to her boss; all she says is “I did exactly how I was trained…” She was neglecting to mention that she butchered my bangs as well so I said “Don’t forget to tell her that you cut off all of my bangs, too.” With a shocked look on her face, she actually told her boss that on the phone.

I didn’t say anything else while she was being told how to refund my money. Another tech had to come and help her, a guy this time, handsome dude too but that’s beside the point here. He successfully refunded me with nothing but one’s… lol At least I got my money back and I didn’t go crazy in public.

When I got back home I broke out the trusty Flowbee; it did what it could do considering all of the uneven chunks. My bangs are still almost non-existent, I am still stuck with ponytails for months and it’s a lot shorter than I had hoped for. This is what she did to my bangs…

That Bitch! I will be calling her that every day until my hair grows out.

I wish I had taken a picture of the butchering that I received today before I put the Flowbee to it, but I just needed to do something before I started crying. I had more than a few clues and irritations that told me I should have never let her touch my hair. I so regret not listening to myself. Fuck offending someone, next time my little voice says not to do something I’m going to listen.

So in closing, I hope that people google this place like I never did. It is the Super Cuts hair salon on Belle Isle Blvd in Oklahoma City. The Asian lady that is there is usually awesome, I like her, she has done good by hair before, but if you walk in and see a woman that looks like Rudy from the Cosby Show run. Run away or ask for someone else.

I’m going to look for a place to leave a review online. I don’t want anyone else to suffer like am. Messing with a woman’s hair is one of the cruelest things one can do… : (