Monday, August 23, 2010


My life has been upended and turned upside down. My beloved Sikeith passed into the other realm of life in early June. He will be missed here, but is once again with the loved ones that preceded him and is happier now than he ever could have been here. This event is why I have had such a silent blog and online life lately; I have no clue how to live my life now, online or offline, so I am silent and waiting for some direction.

I want to thank everyone that has messaged, called, visited, prayed, or even silently watched over me over the last several weeks. Thank you all. I have had so much love given to me; love, even from people that I had no clue would be so present for me in this time. I hope that I am worthy and able to return the love and loving sentiments that have been given and expressed to me.

I am overwhelmed by many things these days but I hope to get back on track soon; what track that may be, I do not know. As usual I have consulted the cards on this issue and have been advised by “the universe” to lay low and just mourn for a time. I think that I will slowly come back to life as some kind of life comes back to me.

I am taking every opportunity to be social and try to go out whenever anyone asks me to go somewhere or do something in hopes that I will not fall deeper into the abyss of the sadness that consumes my very soul at times. I am also looking for some part time work so that I may create some kind of schedule and order to this new life.

Thanks again everybody; I will write more when I find the mind and you all will be rolling your eyes again in no time.