Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good to be Back

Once again let me say, i am so happy to be knitting again! I've been a knitting fool, made a few projects from the start, and finished a couple from a long time ago. it feels good to have my creative outlet back. i wish i could paint or sculpt, i think that would at least make some money now and then. but god gave me needle crafts and needle crafts I'll do. you can see all my latest on

i should keep track of all my creations and publish a book same day. yeah.. that would make some money. then i could go on knitty, common threads, and be in magazines! lol what i dreamer i am. how do you get that done anyway? hmmmm

the royal family has been feeling a bit neglected since i started knitting again. here's a pic of a guilty me and the prince tiger snuggling. he's such a baby.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knit Along

about a week ago, after much thought, i decided to pick up my knitting needles again. i am sooo happy to report that my hand didn't go numb once! i have been knitting ever since. i even crocheted for hours and it didn't bother me. i am back on the crafty horse. YAY!

i was talking with my bff, Sinn the other day and she suggested a kal. whats that? why that's knit code for knit along which means you pick a project and work on it at the same time. i never did one before because i get intimidated by the skill of others. i know I'm not as fast or skilled as other people. a kal with my bff oughta be a good start. she's a great knitter and i could learn a lot from her.

so anyway, she suggested the pattern and as i looked in my stash i found the yarn and the amount the pattern called for! that never happens to me! I never have much money so i end up buying one or two skeins which is not enough to make anything really. but i lucked out this time. she had actually sent me this yarn like last year and i had been saving it for something special. so yoohoo i have the yarn, enough of it, the pattern and now a special kal.

i followed the pattern this time (mostly) and I'm almost done, just gotta do a bit of finishing work, then I'll post it on with picks. I'm not sure if i like it or not, but it does give me ideas.

so glad to be knitting again!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day 2008

Hello and Happy Independence Day America!!!! Happy 232nd birthday!!! What a nation we have become! I hope that in November i can finally say that we have our first African American president! I pray that he will be not only that, but also a great leader. I'm sure that he will be better than the ass in office now.

Anyway, i started the day with a bit of TV and laundry, then went to the in-laws for dinner. My sis-in-law is an excellent cook. then it was downtown OKC for some good old fashioned fireworks with the masses.

we were among the first handful of people to arrive at our location along the Oklahoma River side. It had been years since i ventured into that part of the city and the last time i saw the area it was still overgrown and sort of yuck, ya know. but let me say i am soooo happy with what the city has done! it was absolutely beautiful and freshly trimmed. The skyline was awesome, i You can see a few OKC buildings. cant wait to go back on a random day for a photo shoot. If i were a professional i would have a good location for my clients.

here's a pic of my Si at the place we staked out.

You're probably wondering where this place is along the river. I'll never tell!!! Lol But seriously, for anyone reading my crap, anywhere along the river is a great place to exercise, hang out, or take pictures. I'm not much of an outdoors kind of person, but I'm sure there are wonderful animal and outdoorsy things there too.

We got there kinda early and watched everyone arrive. some people were lighting fireworks while we all waited, so then that brought the cops. I'm trying to keep a low profile since there's bud dry in my big gulp cup. lol Fortunately they weren't interested in what i may be drinking, they wanted to ticket the people lighting the illegal fireworks! I'm kinda glad they came along when they did though, some one's firecracker fell over on it's side and started going into the river. what if it had gone in the opposite direction? someone or some one's baby could have been seriously hurt.

The people watching aspect of it all was the most fun part. But the fireworks display sucked balls! Horrible. it started, it stopped, it started again, seconds between bursts, then just as you think its about to start gettin good, it stops. all this within 20 minutes. I was left with a 'What the hell?' feeling as we left the park. sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked, serious balls.

But i still had fun because I'm drunk! Happy 4th America! SMOOCHES!!!!!!!!