Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angels Always Get Us Through It

Hello my loving internet stalkers. Dark clouds have been gathering around Red for a long time now; she has sadly and finally passed on to be spare parts for a still live and running relative (bless its old tired engine). A moment of silence please, in remembrance of good ol’ Red…………

Ok, enough of that. She died in the middle of traffic today and pissed me off so I have little respect left for her right now. Thank God for a kindly and beautiful woman with her cute little Chihuahua in a lovely white jeep that pushed us out of the road. That woman is an angel and I need to thank her on craigslist, MySpace, and any other free local classified that I can find because she left as soon as we were clear. All I could do was wave thankfully…. Thank you kind beautiful lady with the cute Chihuahua in the lovely white jeep! Bless you, your pets, and all of your children and your children’s children and their children too! May you all have the best forever! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So now that we know that Red is dead and gone, coming back to life no more, I hope to get another car soon, this week soon. I emphasize the word hope here because I have no idea what is in store for me at the dealership; I may run away screaming in frustration if they don’t throw me out for belligerent behavior. Car shopping is number one on my Shit List of Things To Do. Salespeople are among the most immoral creatures that the public is forced to deal with; they are in the same category with HMO’s, bill collectors, and telemarketers. They are not even good enough to be called scum, always and only working for their own betterment and gains. I’m going to have a hard time keeping an open mind with a low tude level.

I’ve been doing my homework though, I have the consumer reports list of best buys (I should get the list of worst buys too, now that I think of it), and I think I know what to demand as far as payments and options, but I am still scared to death. They really do have all of the power in the end; I am no good when it comes to kissing ass, bowing down, or taking what is just offered. I am that anal person that reads every unreadable line of the contract to make sure that I am not being screwed, or at least to make sure that I agree on what I’m getting screwed on. The car buying process takes all day and sometimes two, I think that the time it takes is the second most annoying thing besides the salesperson themselves; and after having dealt with all of that they may not even find me worthy of having a car. That would really piss me off.

Everybody wish me luck and another great car that will last at least six years like Red did. If it’s just not in the cards then I’ll be walking and cabbing for a long time to come. The cards…. Yes… I must do the cards on this issue….

Anyway, among the terrorizing car stuff, and other general life issues, I swear I would be popping pills to meet my maker by now, but I logged onto my school tonight and saw that my latest grades had been posted. They were enough to make me rethink suicide and keep going another day. I got an A in ethics and a B in math; proof that my brain isn’t mush and that I may actually be useful to someone that will pay me money to do something someday. And to prove that I am not just delusional, I took pictures of my grades! (obvious bragging)

I got that A last minute and overnight; I honestly did not start on my final until the night before it was due, and before that I had a middle of the road B. Can you believe that I made a 100% on that final? I can’t believe it… I’m still trying to soak it in. I better not let it go to my head though, this cannot become habit; but at least I know I can do it when I need to.

I really gotta give myself props for this though… I am the shizzznit ya’ll (Doin the happy dance)!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oldies? Goody!!

You know how some of your favorite performers lose their voice when they get older? I mean maybe it’s not necessarily their fault, but for whatever reason, you start to wonder why they’re still touring, kinda like Mick Jagger. Well, let me tell you… Ray Stevens… still got it baby!!! Lol I was very impressed since he is as old as Moses; he even sang the Tarzan yell in ‘Guitarzan’ with apparent ease and he does all the voices the same still.

My dad was as giddy as a teenager, I’m not sure if it was his new set of teeth or the fact that he hasn’t been out in 100 years, but something made him smile ear to ear.

We took pics with him before we went in.

The last time I saw a show there I was told no pictures (and they said anywhere in the casino) so we left my dad’s good camera in the car thinking we couldn’t use it, but when the show started they announced that people could COME UP TO THE STAGE to take pictures during the first two songs. WHAT?!!! I wish I had known that before because now I can’t leave and come back in.

I curse “damn it” as I squat and run to the front of the stage with my cell phone. And to prove that I am not the only weird fan of this oldie’s icon, I took pictures of the people taking pictures with me at the foot of the stage. You may not be able to tell, but we are all sitting either cross legged or on our knees.

As they left one by one back to their seats, I stayed and took each better place to try to get a better picture with my faulty cell. I tried and tried for two songs to get a decent picture with that thing but it was like he was running from me. I know I’m a bit insane, and I realize that they can’t really see anything because of the lights, but I swear, every time I held up my phone to get the ‘good one’, he looked my way and he turned around before it clicked. Damn it again! This is the best one I got, the rest were worse if you can believe it.

His backup singers are pretty clear in this one. They had nowhere to run I suppose.

After crawling around on the floor for 10 minutes, I went back to my seat where poor Si looked so bored, and my dad was holding his phone up so my mother could hear (I roll my eyes). The show was pretty good, he sang all of the old classics that he is known for and sounded great while doing it.

After the show I made my dad gamble a little bit.

That’s Si behind him trying to strike a goldmine. After just one drink and a few dollars lost, it was getting past my dad’s bed time so we took him home. The luck angel wasn’t with us, but we had fun anyway.

Ciao babies!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Casino Night II

I’m having Casino Night II this weekend! I hope the weather is nice, and I hope to win more money.

I bought tickets to see Ray Stevens this time; I used to love his music when I was kid and my dad was a fan, he had several of his tapes. So I thought that it would be nice to take my dad to his concert.

I tried to do my nails extra nice for the occasion (which takes a few layers of polish applications and days to completely dry); this is a picture of them before I ruined them by doing the dishes.

It’s not that I don’t have those little yellow dish gloves; it’s that I always forget to use them. Can we say DUH? I swear I don’t know where my mind is these days. So anyway, my nails are ruined but on the upside my hair is starting to grow and resemble something almost normal.

And school is going well; I hope to get another A but I know I’ll get at least a B anyway which is still good. I may get off track and get distracted from time to time, but I think I’m doing ok so far since I keep going back to the schoolwork and working through the frustrations.

That’s it so far peoples; no news is good news right?

Have a happy Passover, Good Friday, and Easter everyone!

Me and the Royal Sasha Love-Smith loving, relaxing, and watching tv together; and that’s the Royal Angel Love-Smith knocked out on the top of the back of the couch behind me.