Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blood Money

Well hi everybody! I apologize for neglecting everyone and dropping off of the radar this last month or so. You see, there is this epic and ever ongoing fight that my brain has with itself over its sanity and willingness to participate in the real world with live people like you all.

Thank God that I live in the 21st century; I get a virtual view by poking my head out into digital ports to watch a bit of the real world pass by.

In efforts to win the fight for sanity I have been trying to keep myself busy. I made a few videos and have been playing around with the Windows Moviemaker program on my pc; something nice and anti-social to work on. I haven’t made anything that I would publish to the world yet, but I do still have plans for those sewing instructional videos. I’ve heard that I could get paid to do this and found Associatedcontent.com, so I’ll give them a go and see what happens.

Some of you may have seen the casino pics on my MySpace page. We met with some old friends for a night of fun and drink; I always have fun with them but even with all the people inside those walls it can be a bit anti-social since most of the games are one player and not really games either… I ran out of money too fast and I get bored with slots. Maybe I should learn the horses since we were at Remington this time.

Remington was great; it is seriously one the best places I can think of to hang out these days. It’s close by, I can smoke, drink, and gamble; now if weed were finally legal I’d be in absolute heaven and may never leave. It’d be like a miniature sin city within four walls if they’d throw in a strip club and hotel.

But I’ve digressed from the fun that was had with my friends; they were a blast as always and I can’t wait to club hop on our next adventure together.

And speaking of old friends, one of my old friends found me on Facebook the other day. He is really family by way of my nieces; he is their brothers’ father. I haven’t heard from him in more than ten years and it was nice to see that he is doing well.

In closing I’ll explain the title of this post. I was going through Si’s wallet the other day to rob him so I could go shopping when I ran across the nastiest thing I’ve seen in years.


I asked him where he got that nasty ass dollar and he told me that the Walgreens on NW 23rd and Classen gave it to him and he didn’t notice until I had pointed it out.

Now, I understand how Walgreens could have blood covered money in their possession, I assume that since people often go there immediately after a hospital visit that there would be a bloody bill or two now and then, but I also assumed that these were weeded out or set aside and given to the bank instead if stashed in the register to be handed out again to the general public. Boy was I wrong.

This is just a visible example of how dirty circulating money is; I hear that one can find weed and cocaine particles if you look with a microscope. Also, think about how many asses have touched a bill… Thank God for hand sanitizer.