Friday, December 04, 2009

Going the wrong weigh…

Well, all of the chocolate is gone and I am many pounds heavier to prove it!

Thanksgiving dinner didn’t help much with that either. Yeah, I lost control and am now paying the ‘hefty’ price it demands.

Now I need to work it off so somebody please come rescue me from this sedentary life!

I tried to walk off a bit of the big dinner on thanksgiving night when we went to Chickasha to see the Festival of Lights. For the first time, we finally parked and actually got out to walk around.

It was a beautiful night; no wind at all so the temperature wasn’t too cold and we took a few pictures.

More pics on my page here:

I would have stayed longer but my party was getting tired so we left after only a few minutes of walking the park. I wish I could have stayed longer.

If the world were a better place I would go out and walk alone but alas this is the 21st century and it is full of violent crazies that want nothing more than another hapless victim.

The way things are going I’m going to have to break bread for a gym membership; maybe I’ll find a workout buddy when I do since I’m having no luck finding one now. I’ve been thinking of getting a Wii too; it would definitely help to get me active.

If I get a tv for Christmas I think I may go ahead and do that. My dad has informed me that he has our Christmas gift this year and by the way he talks about it, I think it’s a tv. I can only hope.

He loves to tease like this when he gets gifts; it’s never worked on me since I’m a patient person, I can wait, but it drives Sikeith crazy! lol He’s already trying to get him to let us have it early.

And speaking of early Christmas gifts, I saw a deal on that I could not resist. I found this lovely sewing machine on sale with free shipping so I splurged!

I’ve already started my first quilt…

This is just the center of it; now I’m stuck because I have no idea what to do to it next. My creative juices seem to have dried up at the moment.

I want it to be a very manly quilt; I’m making it for Si to take to dialysis, so I have lots of plaid and stripe fabric pieces that I can work into it once I’ve found a direction to take it in again. Quilting is an artsy thing, too bad I’m not as artsy as I feel; damn creative blocks. lol

That’s ok though, I have lots of other things in my head that I can work on. Maybe one of those will actually be finished soon. I swear I must have ADHD since I never seem to be able to finish my projects.

That’s all for now, happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone gets what they want and has fun this season.

A big SHOUT OUT to my beautiful BFF, Mioshee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

I love and miss you to death!