Monday, January 26, 2009

Peachy Keen

Well, this school stuff is really pissing me off; but I don’t mean school itself, I am still really in love with learning, doing the work, and love the environment (the way it’s all done online). It’s the circumstances of life these days that is getting me down; every time I have time to sit and study, something comes up or messes up, something always seems to come along and ruin what concentration I have and then that something takes up all the available study time I had. Sometimes the school site is down, or my cable connection is having issues, or someone comes over for a visit, or someone is ill or hungry and needs my attention, or the housework has fallen behind, or the freaking sky has fallen and I need to pick it up and fix it. I feel as though I can’t win because of all the road blocks that keep popping up.

I’m not giving up on school yet; I’ll get it done one way or another. I have to find a way to push through and keep going, right? I am so trying to push those damn blocks out of the way, I gotta think further ahead than usual, I suppose. The car is broke down again so it’s no good for pushing; I wonder if it will ever get fixed but if it doesn’t I’ve been trying to learn the bus routes and taxi costs. Also, looking at car rentals in case I need a car for a few days or something.

I just keep thinking that using public transport will end up saving money in the long run. No more gas tank, no more insurance, no more maintenance. But along with those come no more freedom of movement anytime I want or need it, which doesn’t sound like a lot but is tremendous when I think that I have to give up garage sales in the summer and midnight fast food runs; and the option of always being able to make a quick getaway out of almost any location. I’ll just have to try it out for a while and see how it works out, it’s not like I have a choice now anyway. lol

It seems like there has been more company than usual around here these days. My sister came by a couple of weeks ago and then again the following week. It seemed like it had been ages and lifetimes since we last spoke; and maybe it has. She says that she’ll be moving back to the metro area in the summer and, by the way, she is seven months pregnant with her fourth child! “OMG!” is all I can really say about it.

Tiger really enjoyed their company; he loves having new warm bodies to sleep on.

What else is going on? Si is doing ok, he’s in and out a lot these days, but he’s doing well despite this. I think I’ve become a real hermit since the car broke down. I just stay indoors and most of the time I have to figure out if it is day or night; my schedule is all screwed up. I really gotta get out more often. I miss my Sinn; I would always get out with her.

So, that’s an update thus far. Life is peachy keen as usual. : l

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy New Year World

Hello again, all. How is everybody’s new year going so far? It’s about a week and a half in and I’d like to think that mine is going well at this point, or at least better than it was a couple of weeks ago.

I may be able to revive old Red! Yes, it will cost more to fix her than she is worth, but I cannot find the money for a new vehicle. However, I can find enough money to fix what is wrong with Red, worth it or not. I think at this point she is totally worth it. The mechanic has been flooded with repairs lately, but says he can try to get to work on it sometime next week. No word yet on how long he’ll take to fix it.

Let’s talk New Year resolutions… Have you made any? I decided not to make any but admit that I do find myself needing to make major changes in my life as usual. So without calling them resolutions, I’ll say that I am working on my weight, like every living and breathing woman, still need to quit smoking, I need to get out of the house more and not just to Wal-Mart and back, and I continue to try to stay on top of my health. Pretty much similar to what everyone else in the world works on.

New Year’s eve was fun this year. We went to a bowling alley with some friends, Terrance and Tara, and their kids. They are the cutest family.

Both of their web pages are full of kissy pics and obvious displays of their affectionate feelings for each other. They have the kind of obvious devotion to each other that makes the rest of the world sick with some kind of envy or jealousy.

I know all of these pics suck and as you can see, the lighting is terrible. Here are the boys enjoying a drink.

I caught Si sneaking sips of my drink now and then. One drink I had was really good; it was called a strawberry long island iced tea; it had I don’t know how many clear liquors in it with a dab of strawberry daiquiri mix. It was delicious! My usual drinks while out tend to be 151 and coke, or a long island iced tea because I have such a high tolerance for liquor. My high tolerance has always baffled me since I am not a heavy drinker on the norm; it just takes a lot to get where I want to go on the rare occasion that I do have a drink.

This is a bad pic of me feelin a pretty good buzz after about three and half drinks.

I had a ball with the people we were with. Their children are so well behaved; I never saw them get into trouble or attempt anything that may get themselves into trouble. And they are so helpful too! They helped by taking everyone’s turn at the lanes whenever one of us went outside to smoke. Lol They are truly the best behaved children I’ve seen in years. I don’t think anyone remembered or even really cared about any score, but Tara was the best. She bragged about being good because she was in a church league or something; she had every right to brag too. We all just wanted to be together and have fun; I hope they had as much fun as I did or more.

Here’s a better pic of a buzzed me after getting home that night.

Happy New Year world…