Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

How was everyone’s Halloween this year? Do you celebrate this day of the dead, ghoulish, and silly?

I admit it… I love Halloween! I always have.

I made my ears and my tail (that you can’t see).

It’s not just the candy I love, my favorite part has always been the costumes and unfortunately most adults aren’t into dressing up and going out of their way. I’ve held a few costume parties in my twenties only to find myself the only free spirit in disguise.

I should have had a party this year though, it seems things have changed now. There were grown adult people actually dressed up and trick-or-treating door to door (some without child escorts) for candy this year!

Yeah… I was one of them! Lol

Maybe the economy is just so bad that folks just can’t pass up free candy these days. I wasn’t planning on actually getting candy for myself, I just wanted to walk with the kids for the exercise and excitement of seeing the costumes and families, but my niece, Chrissy, talked me into it as we approached the first house and I really gave in when I saw that they were giving out chocolate! A weakness… what can I do?

See, this group’s adults almost outnumber the kids too.

lol That’s really just me and my family in a group shot before we hit the streets. Yeah, the sun is still up… lame huh? But I think that’s how people with young kids do it, so what the hell, right? I had a ball anyway.

This whole family had one of the best costumes in the neighborhood.

Darth Vader had two Princess Leahs and two storm troopers with him. The storm troopers weren’t wearing their helmets though; may have been too hot for it.

Someone thought it would be funny to get a picture of the babies (my nephew’s children) with Darth Vader.

They, and I, were not amused at the time but now that I see the picture… yeah, it is kinda funny. lol

The kids started running ahead so I ducked into the car for a while to catch a smoke. Si said “Get your ass back out there and get me some candy.” By the time I was done with my cig everyone seemed to have run out of candy. So, I say to Si, in the words of my niece, Kyeithsha, “HAAAA! YOU THOUGHT!”… LMFAO

Besides dropping the kids off at home, that was the night. How elderly… maybe I’ll find a party next year. I’ll wear a leash and Si can be my owner, his previous comment makes me think he may actually play along next time. Hmmm... kinky. ;-)

If you didn’t get enough of me and my family here, there are more pictures on my MySpace page here:

I hope everyone had lots of fun and candy this year. I know I did!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Pat, for all of the chocolate!

Her apartment complex gave her all of the candy they couldn’t give away and she forwarded it to the many chocolate connoisseurs in her family. She did the right thing too. (Greedy Laugh) Thanks Pat!