Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clear Signs

Hello again everyone. I am sorry to have neglected my audience these last few weeks. I know, I know, my life is so interesting and exciting; all two of you must be in utter suspense now.

Let’s see… firstly I finally got a new cell phone. Yay! It’s a pretty red and black Blackberry flip with a qwerty keypad.

As you can see, I have already personalized it. I still gotta get used to the keypad; I feel like one of those ‘parents’ in the Sprint commercial; the one with all the statistics that says states how fast teens type texts compared to their parents. I couldn’t find a site to that exact commercial but I ran across this site along the way and it is way cool.

I went with a friend to this new $1 jewelry store and picked up some new earrings.

I don’t care how cheap they are, I just need some hoops since the 80’s are back. And speaking of 80’s fashion, I am so loving the leggings! They are ultra comfy with the right short dress or skirt; now I just have to do more shopping to increase my wardrobe. Yippee!

And lastly, something I have fought long to deny… I have been prescribed eyeglasses. It is time now that I must concede to my age so that I may read and see the time on my clocks clearly.
I went today to my eye exam which was quite a change since my last exam some fifteen years ago. They did the puffy thing in my eyes as usual but after that I was given some kind of eye drops before another test. Then I went to another room where they did the lens flipping thing until the little letters on the wall came into clear view.

After that I was given two more kinds of eye drops and was told to wait a few minutes for them to kick in, and then I would have to do the flippy lens thing again. While I waited, my eyes became more and more sensitive to light, so I put my shades on; then I got a text… oh my goodness… I absolutely could not focus to read! If my arm was about a foot longer, or if I could have laid my phone on a counter to look at it from a distance, I may have been able to read something on the screen. Luckily it was just an ad so no one was waiting on a text back. Anyway, it was a pretty strange experience and it wore off after a few hours.

Since I picked out my lenses a couple of weeks ago, I took a picture of them to see what they would look like.

I would have taken a picture of them with the lenses in, but I didn’t feel like primping for pictures after being nearly blinded today. I’ll take some pics one of these days; I’m way to vain not to after all.

In closing, we’ve been getting a bit of rain lately and I happened to catch a pretty rainbow as I was leaving the eyeglass store.

I’m going to believe that it was good sign.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bootylicious Review

Long time no see! My life is tragically mundane these days. Even if I wanted to find some trouble I couldn’t… pathetic really.

Last month was pretty uneventful for me but that can’t be said for entertainment news; several big name personalities have died, the saddest of which is Michael Jackson.

My dad liked his father’s day gift; he put it in the yard, not where I had imagined, but at least he’s using it; I hate to give useless gifts.

The most eventful of this month’s past events was the OKC Gay Pride celebration.

We got there late because so many people decided to go with us this year. We had a caravan of cars and couldn’t find a decent spot so we parked down the street, walked up to the curb and just made the parade as it was starting at the beginning.

Since we ended up parking toward the end of the parade route we had to wait till they finally came down our way and by then I was beginning to get sunburn. Why can’t I ever remember the sunscreen? I swear if my head weren’t attached…

Anyway, people were fighting, pushing, and shoving trying to get some damn beads. I was pushed into my friend and stepped on her foot causing her to lose her flip flop because people were being so fierce.

We had a good time that would have only been better if my Sinn and her family were here this year. The celebration seems to be getting bigger every year. The parade was so long that I was heat exhausted before the end and had to leave; from what I hear, I had left in the middle of it which means that there was at least another mile of floats that I didn’t get to see.

My favorite thing about the parade was the float that had (I assume) male strippers. This one fizzine dude was in special stripper undies that made his peepee very visible and jiggly! Whoo Hoo!!! Shake it baby!!! I may have lost my composure for a minute there. lol The highlight of my day, fo sho! I was really trying to get a picture of his too fine ass but my memory was full. Damn it.

Hmmm… The Black Chippendales… I wish they would come back this way.