Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi everybody. I’m procrastinating on an already late assignment and thought I’d waste a little more time blogging here. I’m having the hardest time concentrating these days; I won’t get into it right now, though.

Everyone is getting use from our new laptop.

Sasha likes to help mommy with her homework. She is so smart!

And here’s Tiger. He likes to play games and chat with friends.

I’ve been using it for homework, of course, trying to keep up with the coursework and maintain my 3.84 GPA. Watch, I won’t be bragging if it goes down. Lol Anyway, this has been a quick diversion from more important things. See ya on the flip side, peeps! LOL

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Official Night Crawler

Hey Everyone!

It is official, I am a vampire. Last week my doctor told me that I am allergic to the sun. I have to wear SPF 1000, or something, if I want to be outside more than five minutes and if I don’t, I’ll break out into hives and burn. All I can think is, “makes sense”. My eyes have always been so sensitive that I have to wear sunglasses whenever I’m out, even on some cloudy days. I’ve been a night crawler since the age of seven, and now I’m allergic to the whole sun. This isn’t good for a person that likes office work.

And speaking of work and the future and all, school has been taking up more of my time than I had expected. I am really glad to have something to do though. I got my first grades and am proud to say that I currently have a 3.84 GPA. I’m paying for that GPA by neglecting my friends, cats, and housework.

I changed my major, once again, to financial services. I’m already sweating that decision, as I do all major decisions. I just keep wondering what it is that I can do with that degree. I think I’d like to work at a bank when I’m done, but I am a vampire after all, so the day shift wouldn’t work out to well for me. I’m at a loss.

On a happier note, I did get a brand new laptop pc! It’s so great that I can’t seem to get my face out of it.