Monday, September 21, 2009

It’s Been How Long?

Yeah, yeah… long time no blog. Did you miss me?

Where do I start?

I’ve been feeling creative and have started several knit and crochet projects.

All of these are supposed to be belts.

This is supposed to be a purse of some kind.

I’ve finished none of them… lol

I am wishing that I had a sewing machine these days. I have several ideas and projects in my head that I can’t work on and it is driving me crazy. Plus, sewing is way cheaper than the yarn needed for knitting and crochet. I probably wouldn’t finish any of those projects either though. lol

Between creative blocks I’ve been busy with a bit of fall cleaning. I know you’re supposed to do that in the spring, but I always end up doing it in the fall too for some reason.

I had a veteran’s charity call the other day for donations; they didn’t want money though, they wanted household things like thrift store stuff. How refreshing since I never have the money for charity anymore. These days, I AM the needy… lol.

I’m actually very happy that they called because I had a couple of boxes of things already out in my way bothering me.

Besides all of that stuff I have come out with 3 boxes and a file cabinet full of old bills and general crap with my info on it that I’ve moved around with for about 20 years or so and needs to be shred. Thank goodness that my bank is having a shred day soon. What great timing for all of this; maybe I’m not alone in the fall cleaning thing.

Yes… It feels good to purge the old especially since I’m always gathering new things. I had an awesome garage sale Sunday recently. I got a 6 foot Christmas tree with a huge box of lights and real glass bulbs for $10, three bamboo shades for $5, and two crochet books for a dollar each. The best thing I found though was this nice couch and loveseat set that cost only $50.

I can’t believe that I got ‘em for 50 bucks man. I didn’t intend on spending that much that day, but I figured that one of my bills could wait a while since I got such a good deal.

I’ve got some kind of ‘good deal’ luck these days. I found these crochet hooks on eBay.

Just one hook at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby can cost $2-$10 and I got 12 for under $10.

They came directly from China.

Ok, it might be strange to take a picture of the envelope that they came in, but I just love the Chinese language; it looks so pretty. It sounds beautiful too; maybe I’ll learn it someday.

That’s about all of the excitement I’ve had the last month or so besides that I colored my hair a while back; it’s much darker than usual and I haven’t decided if I like it or not yet. Sorry no pictures but I just haven’t felt much like posing for the camera lately.

Things should be picking up a bit around here; the holidays are coming soon… I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by.

Ciao for now…