Thursday, February 28, 2008

On The Move

Well everybody, i finally dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's for this move and I've been packing for a couple weeks.

I was planning to write about it last night but I had run into a couple of snags and was on the verge of changing all my plans. I have serious disagreements with the way the landlord cares for their own property, but I realized that I'm stuck for now and there is nothing I can do. This move is my last move into a rental property anyway, I have plans to buy a house in the next 2-3 years. And since there's a whole new set of issues with home ownership, I'm going to become very educated on the subject in the mean time. This house seems better, but you never really know until you live there a while. I hope it's not as drafty as the one I live in now.

I'll be out by Saturday night and that means I'll be offline until Tuesday. I was supposed to be hooked up on Monday, but the cable company called me today to offer a deal i could not refuse. Apparently they had over-booked their installations for Monday and since i don't mind waiting a day, they are upgrading me to digital basic and i get free installation of both! This is the best experience I've ever had with this company or any other lately. But, since I've been duped before by companies like this, i recorded everything on my machine just in case. I hope that everything goes smoothly, i do miss the wonderful DVR. So far, so good and even better with the free cable install!

My kitties are loving all the boxes! I couldn't resist taking pics of them enjoying themselves.


The reclusive Princess Angel, seen here in this rare stock photo, was unavailable for comment on why she missed this royal family photo session. Sources say she was too upset to attend over the recent loss of her favorite and only cat tree.

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