Friday, June 13, 2008

Sangin n Dancin

Hi people! Well, me and my hands are feeling much better these days. i had to blog today because I'm feeling particularly well. its like I've almost got my mojo back! but then there's the problem of what to do with it when it does come back. i wont worry about that now, though. I've got a swing in my step and a song in my heart. "Ooh Celie! I feels like sangin!" lol and let me add to that dancin!!
i cant wait till my bff arrives next week! yes, yes it is time for our once a year visit! I want to do so many things this year. a photo shoot with her family, the gay pride celebration on the 20th, a tour of the city! our city has been under remodel since the 90's but things are really cookin now. i gotta show her all the upgrades around town that we cant afford to use! lol what else?? knitting shops and stitch and bitches, oh we're gonna talk and have fun.

i wish i could move up where she lives. seems like everyone here has legal and/or drug problems. I'm starting to stereotype the people in the place I've lived all my life. i grew up with a good part of the population so it pains me to feel this way. i think i need a change of scenery to separate myself, unfortunately that will have to wait. i know, i am the one that needs to change and adapt. i am working on it as always. things really are looking up for me these days. i wont go into it though.

I'll close for now with a photo of the Prince Tiger caught in his mommy's shoes! Prince Tiger has a shoe fetish!

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