Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reality and TV

The new car is great so far! Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to drive her much, she is treating us real nice. We’ve already used the warranty because the door handle was broken when we bought it. There is a mildly entertaining story that goes along with getting the car fixed at the dealership (not the one we got the car from).

After handing over keys to the attendant that took the new car away to be fixed, we were led to a little waiting area with TV, coffee, snack machines, etcetera. There was a family already in the waiting area, a beautiful woman with her husband (?) and child (toddler).

This woman was GORGEOUS, despite her beach attire at a car dealership which might be considered a bit trashy; a tight tank-top that matched her booty shorts with the word ‘Jamaica’ just above the bottom of her ass cheeks which were clearly visible. Beach wear at a dealership? Sexy! But still inappropriate. But also some very nice eye candy. You can see how I go back and forth with this.

Anyway, while her husband was dealing with the child, she was on her laptop and her cell phone at the same time, paying no attention to either of them. She was definitely the alpha in the relationship since her man was all over making sure that she and that child were happy; and he wasn’t bad looking himself (little fine azz). I couldn’t help but to listen to her conversation since the waiting area is so small, and I got an earful!

She was talking about a recent trip to Jamaica and how this one girl’s runway walk was “stank” and that the competition was “fixed from day one” and she’s going to sue. Si and I were both cracking up… Si had to nudge me because I had started looking at her intensely to see if she was one of the girls on Top Model with Tyra Banks, which is one of my DVRed shows.

You know how people on TV can look totally different in person, I just had to look closer to make sure, plus the face recognition area of my brain is not the best. Anyway, I didn’t recognize her, and Si also pointed out that there is more than one model show on TV. I decided to go outside and wait; I didn’t want to be that creepy girl that stares although I may have already blown my cover there. lol

Anyway, the car is fixed and in ‘like new’ condition once again.

A lot and nothing much has been going these days; I feel like I have been neglecting everyone lately, and please let me send out a big apology to everyone that does feel neglected and/or rejected.

School has been a real pain in my brain lately and is taking up most of my time these days; I can’t seem to get the math to soak in, I may even fail this course… It took me four years to pass pre-algebra in school growing up; I really don’t want a repeat of that here. Please wish me lots of luck and brain power or else I’m in trouble.

Really though, what was I thinking when I chose Finance?! It must have been my insanity showing up in big places where it doesn’t belong. I’ll make it work though; I still love money, math, not so much.

My wonderful sister-in-law had her 30somethingish birthday recently and on that day, before I even had a chance to call and wish her a happy birthday, I got a gift from her in the mail! It’s HER birthday and she’s sending me gifts?!

I am overwhelmed by her generosity. I know how hard things are for everybody these days. She is so sweet! And she knows what I like! Thanks again. I love you sweetie! XOXOXO

I almost didn’t get the package though, thankfully I’ve been on a long ‘day walker’ streak and was awake for the mail. I heard him come up on the porch and watched him through the window. I had two packages that were too big to fit into the box and instead of knocking on the door, or leaving a note for pick up of these items at the post office, he throws them on my porch swing and walks off!

So then I had to hurry and change out of my house clothes so that I could run after my mail while it blows away in the wind. Those two packages were very important; one had the jewelry that my sister-in-law sent me, and the other had my new car papers in it! I am appalled and called to complain even though I know it has no effect.

Thanks a lot USPS… :-/

American Idol –

OMG!!! Congratulations to Kris Allen!!! Adam, Allison, and Danny were my favorites for a long time, but Kris tore it up last night!!! Apparently America agreed. Tonight’s season ending show was the best ever! I was thoroughly entertained! I also love that they had the idols singing with and introducing the major stars. Awesome show American Idol!!

Now it’s time for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!!! Yay!

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Sinn-no-men said...

I've been waiting on So You Think You Can Dance ever since they sent home Lil Rounds. After that, I couldnt watch it anymore.