Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video Discovery

Hi everybody! 2010 has been great for me so far and I have a lot to cover this post.

First of all, I have been looking and searching for a functional purse for months now; you know, one that has lots of pockets and places to put things. But these days purse designers seem to want women to just dump our things into a large bag where everything falls to the bottom and gets jumbled up leaving us to search for things far longer than really necessary.

Luckily I have a handy dandy sewing machine that enabled me to make a purse that is totally functional and (hopefully) stylish as well.

What do you all think? I am using it and take it everywhere but I haven’t had anybody ask me where I got it or anything yet.

Stylish or not, I think I did a pretty good job; Si is more proud of this work than I am. He’s been showing it off and bragging to everyone that enters the door and everywhere we go. He makes me blush… he has my head so big now that I’m thinking of making a few sewing instructional videos. I’ve been altering all of my bell bottom jeans into skinny jeans; I bet people would love to see how that’s done on video.

I love that little camera I got for Christmas! I’ve been making videos with it lately and posting them to my youtube page:

This one is from the hail storm we had Wednesday night.

I’ve never seen anything like it before. The hail was the size of Dip n Dots ice cream pellets and covered the roads like heavy snow.

That was, coincidentally, the night that Sinn went back home to Pennsylvania from her visit. She had a death in her family recently and had to come home for the funeral. While I am sorry for her loss, which I could see weighed on her, I am selfishly happy that I got to spend some time with her.

We took as many pictures as I could get in.

There are more, of course, on my myspace page here:

Some of the pictures you may notice were taken in a club. Mary, Sinn’s spouse, had a birthday while they were here so we all went out to celebrate together at a local club. I LOVE drunk pictures! It’s kind of like the move ‘The Hangover’; you never know what you’re going to see the next day.

So what’s better than dunk pictures? Drunk video of course! I was going through my phone a couple days after the big night out and found a video of that night!

This is all too funny to me! I only remembered making the video after I found and viewed it; and even then it was a foggy memory. See, it’s not like I totally blacked out that night, but there are blank moments that had to be filled in for me later; like when did I get undressed and how did I get in the bed?

I had so much fun that night that I peed my pants; you know it’s fun when you pee your pants. I haven’t had ‘pee your pants’ fun in many many years and this was a much needed fun-cation.

But, as I mentioned earlier, she had to leave and go back home. She and her wife were very welcome and gracious guests. When I should have been showing them a good time on their vacation, they were making sure that I was having a good time with them. And to top it off, Mary gave me the best complement ever before they left but I can’t repeat it here because it may unintentionally offend some people.

Yes, this has been a good year so far; I’ve even seen my sister twice. Sinn hadn’t seen her in years so we stopped by for a short visit while they were here.

This picture reminds me of the old days when the three of us were an unstoppable booshie force in the local clubs. What’s booshie you ask? Look here: and pay close attention to definitions 1 and 3. We just knew we were fine and better than other bitches. LOL

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Sinn-no-men said...

Girl, I canNOT believe you put that drunk video up! LMAO!!! We had such a good time while we were @ ur house....can't wait to do it again! Love you!