Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knit Along

about a week ago, after much thought, i decided to pick up my knitting needles again. i am sooo happy to report that my hand didn't go numb once! i have been knitting ever since. i even crocheted for hours and it didn't bother me. i am back on the crafty horse. YAY!

i was talking with my bff, Sinn the other day and she suggested a kal. whats that? why that's knit code for knit along which means you pick a project and work on it at the same time. i never did one before because i get intimidated by the skill of others. i know I'm not as fast or skilled as other people. a kal with my bff oughta be a good start. she's a great knitter and i could learn a lot from her.

so anyway, she suggested the pattern and as i looked in my stash i found the yarn and the amount the pattern called for! that never happens to me! I never have much money so i end up buying one or two skeins which is not enough to make anything really. but i lucked out this time. she had actually sent me this yarn like last year and i had been saving it for something special. so yoohoo i have the yarn, enough of it, the pattern and now a special kal.

i followed the pattern this time (mostly) and I'm almost done, just gotta do a bit of finishing work, then I'll post it on ravelry.com with picks. I'm not sure if i like it or not, but it does give me ideas.

so glad to be knitting again!

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