Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good to be Back

Once again let me say, i am so happy to be knitting again! I've been a knitting fool, made a few projects from the start, and finished a couple from a long time ago. it feels good to have my creative outlet back. i wish i could paint or sculpt, i think that would at least make some money now and then. but god gave me needle crafts and needle crafts I'll do. you can see all my latest on

i should keep track of all my creations and publish a book same day. yeah.. that would make some money. then i could go on knitty, common threads, and be in magazines! lol what i dreamer i am. how do you get that done anyway? hmmmm

the royal family has been feeling a bit neglected since i started knitting again. here's a pic of a guilty me and the prince tiger snuggling. he's such a baby.

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