Saturday, November 01, 2008

Crazy Insane

This election season is getting insane! That’s my new word these days, too; insane. A couple weeks ago my campaign signs were stolen from my yard; so I just went out and got a surplus of signs in case it happened to be a reoccurring thing.

There have been local news reports of signs missing or being stolen by children, but today I think things may be getting out of hand. When I walked outside to leave today, my neighbor asked me if I had been up and seen anything strange last night. I said “No.”, so then she pointed to her truck in the driveway, all tires on flat, and said “Look, someone slashed all of my tires and tore up my campaign sign.”

That’s just awful. Who would do such a thing over a person’s political views? It’s not like my neighbor has any kind of power, other than her yard sign and people are rarely swayed by those ads. I mean, seriously, it’s not like someone will drive by her sign on their way to the polls and say to themselves, “That’s it! I’m voting for So-n-so.”

My neighbor and I have different political views and candidates. This does not mean we are at war with each other. They have the right to vote the way they want. Slashing tires and tearing up signs won’t stop that person from casting a vote. It definitely won’t sway a person’s decision toward the vandal’s view, it will in fact have the opposite effect, reinforcing their original opinions.

When I turned on the news today, people said they were feeling intimidated and unwanted at the local election board, where people are voting early, because others were campaigning at the parking lot entrance and started heckling them for the bumper stickers on their cars.

Come on people! WTF? What happened to peaceful gatherings? What’s with all the aggression? I do understand the weight of the issues at hand this election season, but violence and aggression are not needed. Our political and social leaders, past and present, would never advocate this kind of behavior.

I know that passions run high, especially when people’s lives and finances are involved, it seems like everyone’s life hinges on this election. I even find myself waiting to make certain decisions until I know who is going to be in office the next four years. Crazy, insane. But not so insane that I am vandalizing property and threatening strangers on the street.

I just wanted to write a bit about how insane things have gotten over this election. It is a very exciting time, and I am so glad to be alive to see all of it go down. I can’t wait till Tuesday!

OBAMA 2008!!!

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Sinn-no-men said...

Somebody stole all the Obama signs on my block. I'd like to smack the shit out of them, actually!