Monday, November 03, 2008

Rock the Vote 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!! It looks like everyone is as excited as I am about this election. I voted early today and took tons of pictures because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

As I drove up to the building, there was a line of cars stretched back several blocks just to get into the parking lot! I was surprised to see it move fairly quickly though.
After fighting parking lot traffic I went over to wait in the huge line of people. That line wasn’t too bad either; I expected time to pass slowly since I was there alone, but it was just so exciting that the time really flew by. I still don’t know how long I was really in line.
After I voted, I went to run a few errands and found this scene on 23rd and Classen.
Traffic was insane and I spent about 20 minutes driving around the corner to get all these pictures.

Jim Roth, who is running for Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, was campaigning on the corner at 23rd and Classen, too. He’s such a cutie! I took this picture and hoped it would turn out well since it was a drive-by pic. It did! Look, isn’t he adorable? I wish I would have parked and taken a picture with him.

I wish that everyone came out like this for every election that is held. I wonder how we would shape the country if every election was taken this seriously, even the simple elections on issues, not just political offices. Maybe we would already have a national healthcare system, weed would be legal, everyone would have the right to marry, every child would grow up to be educated adults, and the war would have never been.

I try to vote at every election held. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to vote, and what is being voted on because not all elections are covered by the media; not every issue is a hot-button or controversial issue. There should be regular announcements, on the local news at least, that tells people when there is an election.

As I climb off of my soap box, I’ll just say thanks to everyone that voted this year and keep rocking your vote!! If you didn’t get enough pictures here, there are more on my page at Myspace.

Thanks again!

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