Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My oldest friend, KK, often referred to as my sister, gave birth to her fourth child, a girl named, Zakharra Nevaeh Ingram, last night at 10:17 pm. I have no idea her weight and I think they said she was 19 inches long.
It was all so sudden because she wasn’t even due till the middle of next month; I was expecting her visit today when she called to tell me that she was in labor and wouldn’t be able to make it. lol She said she was at a five (those that have children know what that number means)so I left to run a couple of errands thinking that it would be a few hours.
I was only busy for a couple of hours when we finally arrived; when I walked into the room I saw Chris already holding his daughter. I was about 20 minutes late!! Damn! I shouldn’t have made that last stop. I’m a little upset that I missed this one because I’ve been there for all the others, but everything happened so much faster than the others. I guess it’s true when they say they come faster with each birth.
Here’s the proud momma and daddy…

She was so understandably tired; she said this was the worst one but don’t mothers usually forget the pain after a while? Or is this just a vicious rumor?
I posted more pics on my myspace page here,, because I didn’t want to load this page with all the pics that I took. I took a lot of pics, like I usually do, but this is a rare occasion that most of them turned out decent despite the fact they are cell phone pics.
This picture makes me laugh… It just screams ‘Arian Nation’! LMAO

Forgive my strange humor, world (you really must know me to get me), I think it’s just been a while since I’ve seen a caucasian baby…
So anyway, I’m happy for them on thier new addition. Happy birthday Zak!

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