Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clear Signs

Hello again everyone. I am sorry to have neglected my audience these last few weeks. I know, I know, my life is so interesting and exciting; all two of you must be in utter suspense now.

Let’s see… firstly I finally got a new cell phone. Yay! It’s a pretty red and black Blackberry flip with a qwerty keypad.

As you can see, I have already personalized it. I still gotta get used to the keypad; I feel like one of those ‘parents’ in the Sprint commercial; the one with all the statistics that says states how fast teens type texts compared to their parents. I couldn’t find a site to that exact commercial but I ran across this site along the way and it is way cool.

I went with a friend to this new $1 jewelry store and picked up some new earrings.

I don’t care how cheap they are, I just need some hoops since the 80’s are back. And speaking of 80’s fashion, I am so loving the leggings! They are ultra comfy with the right short dress or skirt; now I just have to do more shopping to increase my wardrobe. Yippee!

And lastly, something I have fought long to deny… I have been prescribed eyeglasses. It is time now that I must concede to my age so that I may read and see the time on my clocks clearly.
I went today to my eye exam which was quite a change since my last exam some fifteen years ago. They did the puffy thing in my eyes as usual but after that I was given some kind of eye drops before another test. Then I went to another room where they did the lens flipping thing until the little letters on the wall came into clear view.

After that I was given two more kinds of eye drops and was told to wait a few minutes for them to kick in, and then I would have to do the flippy lens thing again. While I waited, my eyes became more and more sensitive to light, so I put my shades on; then I got a text… oh my goodness… I absolutely could not focus to read! If my arm was about a foot longer, or if I could have laid my phone on a counter to look at it from a distance, I may have been able to read something on the screen. Luckily it was just an ad so no one was waiting on a text back. Anyway, it was a pretty strange experience and it wore off after a few hours.

Since I picked out my lenses a couple of weeks ago, I took a picture of them to see what they would look like.

I would have taken a picture of them with the lenses in, but I didn’t feel like primping for pictures after being nearly blinded today. I’ll take some pics one of these days; I’m way to vain not to after all.

In closing, we’ve been getting a bit of rain lately and I happened to catch a pretty rainbow as I was leaving the eyeglass store.

I’m going to believe that it was good sign.

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Sinn-no-men said...

Welcome to the world of Blackberry! Do you know what your PIN is?? Have you used to Blackberry only messenger?