Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creative Wastes

Luckily I’m still feeling creative and have finally finished a few projects.

Those are a few hats that I’ve finished over the last few weeks. Hats are easy to make, they’re soft and comfy, made of 100% cotton, and these can be worn several different ways. I think that I that I may the only one that likes them though; they’re piling up around here with no claimers.

Since the hats are going homeless I’ve gone to making squares; they’re usually quick and pretty. I was thinking of making an afghan with this pattern…

And behold the long awaited belt that turned out huge and useless like most everything else I make.

I did like it on a smaller scale though which means I need smaller yarn and needles. Yay, more shopping! lol

And speaking of shopping, I found these beauties on sale at a local clothing store.

Now I need an outfit to go with them. :-D

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Sinn-no-men said...

I love the shoes and belt!