Monday, December 15, 2008

Back to life, back to realty…

Hey everyone! Life has been happening so much around here I’ve had no real time for blogging. I’ll catch up here with a few pics for good measure.

The last topic I wrote about was the election; I don’t suppose anybody was really surprised at the outcome. Here’s a picture of my local paper the day after the election. I bought six papers because I wanted to keep a couple for any future inheritance I may have to pass on, and I’m supposed to mail a few out. Even Elizabeth on ‘The View’ had high praise the day after.

There was a different vibe in the air, everywhere you went, and you could just feel a pride and optimism that had been lacking for so many years. I wish my vocabulary could give a clearer explanation of the mood that day. All I can say is, if you were lucky enough to be alive and cognizant, you know what I’m talking about. Reporters and television personalities that I’ve watched my whole life, that have held their composure through wars, 9/11, and natural disasters, welled up this day, sobbing, utterly consumed with what the nation had done as a whole, and with pride for their race which had been so long denied this dignity. It was great.

Now that we’ve seen what we can do as a nation, let’s see what he can do as our President. Our nation is a mess and he has a lot on his shoulders; it’s impressive to see him already hard at work, even if he does ruin ‘The View’ everyday with his announcements. As it has already been pointed out, the new first family is a gorgeous family. They are so charming, every member, that they could easily be considered creepy, but somehow, they are far from creepy. Again, my vocabulary fails me in description of their reverence.

Life and politics went back to usual after the election until Thanksgiving. This was a hellacious time. My car broke down a few days before the holiday leaving us at the mercy of our friends and family who really are great. My niece, who is awesome, let us use her car for a whole day which allowed me to pay bills and run errands.

The day before the holiday I spilled soda on Si’s phone, so when his phone died I had to give him mine. Luckily his friend let me borrow an old back-up he had to use himself recently. This is what I was reduced to for two weeks while I waited for a new phone in the mail.

I did look for another more updated back-up phone in the pawn shops around the city but was amazed to see that they wanted $60 bucks for the same kind of phone I sported at least three years ago and got for free through my cell plan. I am still in shock that this city’s selection of used cell phones is so high priced and outdated. In hind sight, I should have hit up Craigslist or something. Where is a time machine when you need one? Oh yeah… I wouldn’t have a car to go get it anyway if I did find one there. lol Oh well…

About school; I bitch and fain hardship over going to school but I am telling you now, I secretly love it. I am learning a lot and am actually maintaining a B average. I wish I could broadcast and brag about my GPA but I am too scared at the moment to log on and look at it. lol Shame, shame… I know it’s a 3.8something because I got my grades in from the classes in my last block. The reason I’m avoiding logging in is because I am a coward that has not done her work. If I log on I’ll have to turn something in and I have nothing to turn in… Christmas break cannot get here fast enough. I have one week to catch up before break; I can do it, then I can get ahead during break because I just know I’ll want to work when I don’t have to (wtf?).

Anyway, back to the car. It did get sort of fixed, but at the cost of whatever cheap Christmas presents our family and friends would have gotten. Since it’s only sort of fixed, I have to search the deep recesses of my bowel for more money to fix it again and hope that this is not just the beginning of more bad to come, or get another car. We’re really hoping that it’s something very minor, like a hose. I’m not totally sure we can afford a new car right now.

I suppose it had to be during the time I didn’t have a car that I got bored and started searching for old friends online. Wait, maybe it was before then? In any case, I found this great social networking site one day devoted to women finding friends.

I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself without friends. Maybe you moved away from home, all your friends may have moved away, or maybe you’ve outgrown or grown distant from your friends; this site is just what you need. I sound like a total commercial, I know. But unless it has happened to you, then you can’t understand how hard it is to make new friends when you reach a certain age, or move to a new city. I met a great girl already, and I just wanted to spread the word a bit on this site for all you displaced BFF’s out there.

I think that’s everything up to date so far. The royal Love-Smith’s are doing well but have not felt like primping for pictures lately, so here’s a festive holiday pic of Si.

Happy Holidays World!

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