Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Christmas Good-bye

Hi Everyone!

I finally got the Christmas cards out today. Yay! Nothing fancy, just a card because everyone, including me is too broke to blow money on needless things this year. That means not even a Dollar Tree Christmas will be had this year. I have yet to receive a single card from anyone this year, unless you count my insurance agent. But I did get quite a few Christmas texts; actually it’s the same one that keeps going around: “Money is short, times are hard, I just texted you your Christmas card!” I still have hope though, maybe everyone is late like I was and I’ll get a couple next week.

I don’t even know why I’m concerning myself with cards; I usually hate getting cards, I’d rather get a text or phone call. And I never know what to do after getting the card; do I keep it, if so, for how long? My sister once got offended when she saw me throwing out old birthday and holiday cards, but seriously, am I supposed to keep every card I receive forever? Who has the storage space? I do have a bit of a system; I’ll keep it until I clean out my closet, decide if it is so sentimental, and go from there. I always display the holiday cards though, I guess that’s what I’m missing this year; Christmas d├ęcor.

Speaking of things I miss… I am now completely without a car. It will cost more to fix the car than it is actually worth; a total loss.

A toast to the old Red car!
You drove me long, you drove me far.
I did so love your Spirit of Red,
but now you’re junk because you’re dead.
I love you Red! Our time was great,
but from the very beginning we both knew your fate.
May you live on in others’, a jewel beholding spare part delights
of spare doors, mirrors, bumpers, tires, rims, and headlights.

Ciao Bella!

Old ho pic of me and Red back when we first met. We have been so happy together.

:-( (sniffle… sniffle)

Looking into options, I think I may have a working vehicle of some kind after the new year. Till then, I’m looking forward to walking off a few pounds around town.

Since I don’t have a car to go anywhere, I suppose I should devote my entire winter break to getting at least caught up with school. I am terribly behind, so everyone please pray, cross fingers, burn candles, or whatever it is that you do, please do on my behalf that I may regain my scholastic focus.

I’ve been feeling a strange vibe lately so I'll be breaking out the tarot cards on winter break, probably the day after Christmas. I’m hoping that it will help me get my mojo back; some say the cards are good to help one focus in stressful times. We’ll see huh? My sis-in-law thought it might help me to at least get it out of my system and see if it helps me with school. Couldn’t hurt, right? I can’t wait to study the metaphysical arts on a more serious level. Maybe I’ll finally be a pro when I’m fifty. That’s ok though, sometimes it helps the pocketbook to look old and knowledgeable in that profession.

That’s it for now chickies. Here’s another pic of Si with the Princess Angel; caught napping together. Awwww…

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