Thursday, December 25, 2008

No Pics

Well Christmas dinner came out great! I got rave reviews. I wish I had remembered to take pictures but I forgot; I had a decent menu though. There was the turkey of course; Si cooked that from a recipe he got off of the Oprah show last week. I had my doubts, but it turned out bomb! I usually hate turkey that is not smoked, but this was really really good.

Then I made the family stuffing, a squash dish, mashed potatoes, gravy, brown beans, corn bread, crescent rolls, green beans, shells and cheese, cream corn, and jellied cranberries (from the can). I think I may be forgetting something. For dessert there was chocolate cake, sweet potato pie, and various fruits and chocolate bars. It was kind of small, kind of ghetto, but really good as a whole.

Some were under the impression that this was my first time cooking a holiday dinner, but this is far from true. I have done this several times over the years, too many to count actually, but this was by far my best ever as far as the food goes. I think it is due the old family recipes that I got and used this year. Before now, I had been improvising or using TV recipes and it never was quite right.

The company could have been better this year. Only two people came and I don’t enjoy the company of either person, so I kept my self busy in the kitchen the whole time, which was thankfully short. A good eat n run. I made them take leftovers and later got phone calls about how good it was.

So my day was full of cooking and cleaning. My feet hurt and I’m tired. Si has eaten several times and passed out in a turkey coma around eight. I won’t hear from him again tonight.

The day before Christmas Eve I got an email from my niece that just turned 17. She was put through hell in her childhood but was adopted a few years ago. I had been hoping to hear from her but was caught by surprise when I got her email; I didn’t expect it until next year. So I got an early Christmas present! I think she was the vibe I had been feeling lately. I must have been in tune with her energy. She seems to be doing great, she called her sister who is 19 and has been in contact with me for over a year now; I am so happy to see them talking again. They are so young and full of life; I hope they continue doing well. They found their other grandmother recently too, she’s going to let them move in with her sometime next year. I have always liked their grandmother and I think that this will be good for them since they both yearn for some family to be close.

I’m closing for now because I am so freakin tired and I think I may be sounding a bit like an idiot… Merry Christmas everyone!

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